SABI and the Art of Theatre

On the 18th of January, a series of multiple wine tastings has been launched by SABI in collaboration with the Teatro Olimpico in Rome in order to celebrate some of the first night shows.

The theatre was full for Clement Michèl's "The Stroller Strategy", starring Pino Quartullo, Alberto Farina and Grazia Schiavo, who after the show have cheered with us and their guests to the great success of the evening.

In a similar fashion, a numerous audience has showed up for the first night of "Spazientiti" by Francesca Reggiani, enjoying a wine tasting of a selection of our South African wines before attending the show.

The evening of March 31 was the opening of "Zombie" with Marco Presta and Max Paiella, accompanied by sparkling joy and bubbles. The cast, their guests and the press have enjoyed our wines with a dedicated wine tasting before and after the show.

We will be present once again at the Momix Buvette with our selection of South African wines on the following dates: April 20th "Romeo and Juliet" starring Balletto del Sud, May 5 "Best of" with Lillo & Greg.

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