Villiera is a family owned company founded in 1983 with an estate of 180 hectares set in the outskirts of Stellenbosch. It is managed passionately by the Grier cousins: Jeff, oenologist and chef de cave; Simon, agronomist; Cathy, chief administrative officer. Together they form a very cohesive team. Similar to the approach of many other producers in South Africa, Villiera is committed to the protection of nature. Having signed a sustainable agriculture agreement, it has devoted a portion of the property to the establishment of a natural reserve, replanting 1000 species of native trees. Pioneers of the Méthode Cap Classique, they keep an innovative approach on all of the company’s fronts: recovery and use of rainwater, photovoltaic energy, as well as a special attention given to the well-being of its human resources, by building a school and a highly specialized medical centre to help and sustain its most needy employees and their families. 


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