Boekenhout is the name of a beech tree species native to the Cape, immensely appreciated by artisans of the 18th century who used it to construct highly prized furniture. The name of the cellar originated from this concept, then the subsequent choice to portray the seven chairs on the wine labels followed. A tribute to beauty-building craftsmen at a time when the relationship between man and nature had not yet been broken.

Boekenhoutskloof was founded in 1776 in the Franschhoek valley. Like many South African producers, Boekenhoutskloof is committed to preserving the unique Cape flora and fauna, removing alien plants to replant various species of Protea, Erica Lerouxia and other typical plants. The attention payed to floral and animal heritage is equally intense during the winemaking process, making Boekenhoutsklooft one of the finest viticulturists in South Africa.


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